Solvron Yarn Applications


  1. 1. Reinforcement or Support of Low-Strength Yarn


Reinforcement of low strength, fine or fancy yarns for improved weaving / knitting efficiency by plying or twisting with Solvron. Twist-less woven or knitted fabrics can also be achieved with feather-like softness and high absorbency.

Super-touch towels with feather-like softness and extremely high absorbency by using cotton twisted with Solvron.

The cotton yarn is doubled along with Solvron and thrown to the reverse direction of the cotton yarn's given twist to create a twist-less cotton yarn.

This yarn is woven as the pile yarn. During the scouring process, the Solvron yarn dissolves leaving twistless cotton yarn as the pile.    

  1. 2. Blister / 3D Towel Designs


Before dissolving, Solvron yarn shrinks. This unique property enables 3 dimensional designs to be created in terry towels where there are terry loops alongside cut / velour areas .

  1. 3. Separation Yarn ( Draw Thread )


Used in some sock manufacturing. Also for separating knitted sweaters, collars and narrow tapes.

Sock Yarn
  1. 4. Coloured Solvron ( Tinted and Dope -dyed Red & Blue )


Coloured yarn is effectively used for marking purposes in many knitted / fabric manufacturing processes such as in the loading / cutting of panti-hose and tights or to highlight each body length in circular knitting.

  1. 5. Solvron Sewing Thread


Solvron sewing thread is used for stitching hospital laundry bags to avoid workers being contaminated by soiled goods. It's also used to tack the selvedges of embroidery ground cloth or knitted / wool fabric before dyeing.  

  1. 6. Utlization of Solvron's remarkable Shrinkage


Solvron when placed in cold or lukewarm water shrinks substantially by approximately 50 %, without dissolving. This shrinking property is used to create fancy weaves and knits, crepe or quilted effects and also for the production of water roller covers for off-set printing and as a tie-tape for special constructions in the sea and river / lake.

  1. 7. For Ajoure Fabric


To create fancy weaves or knits by partially dissolving the fabric. For example, check designs or hand-drawn effects.  

  1. 8. Solvron Ground Cloth for Burnt-out Embroidery ( Guipure Type )


  1. 9. For Cover Wrap Application


To produce various fancy yarns and to create soft, light weight knitted and woven fabrics.


Core Yarn
  1. 10. For Higher Quality of Raschel Lace


Enables the creation of fancier patterns of Picot / Scallops with ease of separation.