Solvron PVA Cloth


Among the numerous applications is a cloth woven from Solvron yarn, used as a Base-Cloth for Guipure embroidery. This replaces silk cloth or man-made fibres that are only dissolvable using chemical agents.

The advantage of using Solvron cloth is that any type of embroidering thread, natural, man-made, in any colour combination can be safely used, since the cloth dissolves away easily in plain hot water.

Treatments using caustic soda solution or other chemical agents necessary for dissolving silk cloth etc., frequently cause discolouration or weakening of the embroidery. Solvron cloth dissolves in plain hot water without requiring any chemical additives and positively safeguards against these risks.

Solvron cloth allows exquisite stitching work and once fixed on the Schiffli machine-frame, maintains an equal tension and tightness throughout the stitching process.


Dissolving Process for Solvron Fabric.


1st Stage


Before commencing the dissolving process, the recommendation is to wash away any Tinting agents. For example; Kiton dyestuff, used for distinguishing Solvron from other fabrics and to highlight faulty stitch-work.


2nd Stage


Heat up the water to the required temperature before immersing the embroidery to ensure rapid dissolving of the base cloth.


3rd Stage


Replenish the water and stir. Continual over flowing using hot water is recommended.

The bath-ratio of loom-state and water is 1:30 weightwise.

Dissolving time depends on the Solvron type and stitch count of the embroidery.



Type Temperature for dissolving treatment
GTS 65℃ up (149°F)