Nitivy Alumina Fibre (ALF)



NITIVY ALF™ is continuous Alumina Fibre that was developed using Nitivy's vinylon(PVA fibre) dry spinning technology.

NITIVY ALF™ is Boron-free Alumina-Silica fibre that is composed of Al2O3 72% and SiO2 28%. Al2O3 and SiO2 are commonly known as representatives of stable metal oxides.

NITIVY ALF™ is a polycrystalline filament whose crystal type is gamma alumina and amorphous silica. The yarn is made up of thousands of fine filaments with a diametre of 7micron, which gives it excellent flexibility and allows it to be transformed into various textiles without the aid of other fibres or wire inserts.

Fabrics,tapes,sleeves,sewing thread and cordage are typical products. At present, there is a growing interest in NITIVY ALF™ filament yarn for use in a wide range of applications which require high temperature operating environments.


1) Excellent thermal resistance.

NITIVY ALF™ retains strength and flexibility in continuous high temperature environments.

2) Great flexibility for the making of textiles.

3) High tensile strength and modulus.

4) Resists corrosion.

5) Superior electrical insulation properties.

6) Does not absorb moisture.

7) Superior thermal insulation properties.

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1) Furnace linings.

2) Heat-Shielding curtains.

3) Roller covers for toughened glass operation.

4) Abrasives for plastic whetstone.

5) Spacers for the heat treatment of metal or other materials.

6) Thermal insulation coverings for the thermocouple, cable and wire.

7) Filters for molten aluminium or other materials.

8) Thermal insulation rings(disks and collars)for diffusion furnaces used in the semi-conductor manufacturing process.

9) Insulators around generator and aircraft/rocket engines.

10) Electrical and thermal insulators for diesel particulate filter(DPF)system.

11) Thermal insulation seals or packing materials.

12) Others.


Summary of Nitivy ALF

Standard Sewing Thread Products
Standard Rope, Cord Products|Standard Woven Fabric Products
Standard Woven Tape Products|Standard Braided Sleeving Products
Customized Products



Standard Sewing Thread Products

Type Yield












T-5760D 620 7 170 400 645 1.0 Hand sewing
CT-2560D 330 7 180 350 1,060 0.5 Machine sewing
CT-5120D 660 7 180 350 530 0.8 Machine sewing


Standard Rope, Cord Products

Type Form O.D*










RP-18 Twisted rope 2 100 3.8 130 500
CD-2 Braided cord 2 - 3.7 50 185
CD-3 Braided cord 3 - 5.4 50 270

*Note :F.D=Filament diametre, O.D=Outside diametre
*Note :Out side diametre “O.D”mentioned in the tables are just for preliminary knowledge


Standard Woven Fabric Products

Type Weave Yield of yarn


Yarn count(per inch) Weight


Warp Fill JIS ASTM
3025-T Twill 200 30 25 440 0.35 0.55
1111-P Plain(mesh) 620 11 11 550 0.68 0.87
0909-P Plain(mesh) 200 9 9 145 0.21 0.41
2626-P Plain 133 26 26 280 0.21 0.31
2525-P Plain 67 25 25 135 0.12 0.21
2220-S Satin 400 22 20 670 0.61 0.97
4018-D Double twill 400 40 18 940 0.80 1.35

*Applied standard to measure thickness (JIS: JIS R3420, ASTM: ASTM D1777).
*Standard woven fabric products are all 1m width and 30m/roll.


Standard Woven Tape Products

Type Weave Yield of yarn


Yarn count

(per inch)



Thickness(mm) Width


Warp Fill JIS ASTM
TP-25S Twill 200 30 22 11 0.32 0.53 25
TP-25D Twill 600 48 11 37 1.20 1.87 25
TP-30S Plain 200 30 22 13 0.32 0.45 30
TP-50S Plain


200 30 22 22 0.32 0.45/0.53 50

*Standard woven tape products are all 30m/roll.
*Applied standard to measure thickness(JIS:JIS R3420,ASTM:ASTM D1777).


Standard Braided Sleeving Products

Type Yield of yarn






Picks Quantity(m/roll)
SV-1-XP 33 0.3 0.7 16 50
SV-1-SP 67 0.5 1.3 16 50
SV-1 133 1 2.4 16 50
SV-2 200 2 3.7 16 50
SV-6 6 12 24 50
SV-12 12 24 48 ab.25
SV-16 16 38 64 ab.25
SV-20 20 44 84 ab.25
SV-40 40 91 96 ab.40
SV-60 60 182 96 ab.50
SV-85 400 85 333 96 ab.40
SV-95 95 390 96 ab.30
*I.D=Inside Diametre
*Please contact us if you have special requests or enquiries regarding length or quantity.
Note : Please contact us if you need an item which is not listed in the above product list.

Customized Products

・Chopped Yarn : Cut into hoping seizes(1-50mm).

(We recommend using this for reinforcement.)

・Packings : round(5-40mmΦ), square(4-40mm).

・Coloured Yarn : Coloured with inorganic pigment(red, blue, black).

(Not lose its colour even at high temperature.)

・High Purity Grade ALF

Note :Please contact us if you have any requests or enquiries regarding ALF customized products.


Typical Properties 

Item Type ALF
Colour Colourless
Appearance Continuous
Filament diametre (μm) 7


Al2O3 72
SiO2 28
Density(g/cm3) 2.9
Crystal phase γ-Al2O3
Tensile strength(kgf/mm2) 200
Tensile modulus(kgf/mm2) 17,000

・Please contact us if you have special requests regarding chemical composition.
・Suggested service temperature for use is just for preliminary knowledge and is not guaranteed.
・It is necessary to do trials in the actual atmosphere of your facility before developing specifications.


Strength retention after exposure to high temperature

Bending resistance comparison of filament diametre

Thermal Insulation Rings

The thermal insulation rings were developed as thermal insulator for diffusion furnace, CVD equipment, etc in semi-conductor manufacturing process at temperature of up to 1,300℃.
The thermal insulation rings are high quality hand-made products that are fabricated with a combination of ALF™ textiles as outer material, ceramic fibre products(mainly the blanket and board)as inner material and ALF™ sewing thread.
The thermal insulation rings are designed in accordance with customers' specific requests in order to fit various quartz or silicon carbide tubes in the furnace.

There are two types of thermal insulation rings. One type is regular grade. The other type is high purity grade. At present insulation rings gradually are going toward high purity grade type.
ALF™ textiles and ceramic fibre products are sized by organic resins.We do“heat cleaning”for thermal insulation rings before we send them to your factory in order to avoid contaminating your furnaces.



1) Long life for using ALF™ fabrics (compared with silica or quartz).

2) High energy saving because of excellent sealing capability.

3) Reduced contamination.

4) No vaporized substances at high temperatures(ALF™ is Boron-free Alumina-silica fibre).

5) Availability of fabricating various forms for customer’s specific requests.

6) Reduced downtime.

7) Smooth temperature profile.


Composition of Materials




Outer insulation Material

Alumina-cloth HG-3025-T

Alumina-cloth 3025-T

Inner insulation material

Ceramic Fibre HP Blanket

Ceramic Fibre HP Board

CeramicFibre HPHardenedBoard

Ceramic Fibre Blanket

Ceramic Fibre Board

CeramicFibre HardenedBoard

Sewing Thread

Yarn HG-T-5760D

Yarn T-5760D


Braided Sleeve HG-SV-4

Braided Sleeve SV-4