New Products


As of October 2019 we will be adding two new yarns to our collection, developed by Durafil Company in Hong Kong. The first of these yarns is "Tinguza" - a sewing thread that disappears when in contact with heat. This yarn has been designed for temporary stitching - to be used in the bottom spool of a lockstitch sewing machine. Please refer to the website to find out how Tinguza yarn will save your clothing company time and money, not to mention heartache.

Tinguza MSDS

The second yarn is strong heat fusible bonding yarn called PermaHem providing permanent strength and longevity to blind hems. Please get in touch for further information and free samples. We look forward to hearing from you.

PermaFuse MSDS

Oekotex for both Tinguza and PermaFuse