About Us


H.E.TEXTILES is a soley owned subsidary of Yarn Solutions Ltd ; A Private Limited Company established in 1991. The founder is still in charge of day to day activities and we pride ourselves on being an important stock supplier of Nitivy products to the U.K / EU and across the world.

Working closely with our Principals in Japan and our overseas agents to develop new markets and applications for Solvron PVA and Nitivy's Alumina Fibre.

We draw on years of experience and knowledge gained from working closely with textile manufacturers across a diverse range of industries such as; technical, medical, automotive, chemical, geo-textiles, marine, apparel and home textiles. 

Solvron water soluble PVA yarns and fibres have a multitude of applications ; as a process yarn to enable the production of super-soft towels to the reinforcement of fine yarns and wire to the production of mesh knitted bait bags for fishing. In addition Solvron yarns can be coloured and are used for marking purposes in various textile processes.

Solvron yarns also have a shrink property prior to dissolving which is used to create three dimensional jacquard towels, shrink-to-fit textile goods, fancy weaves and knits such as crepe or quilted effects.