Yarn Solutions Ltd, trading as H E Textiles are based in the village of Cosby in Leicestershire. Formerly known as Hosiery Equipment Ltd we were ideally located in the heart of the hosiery industry.

H E Textiles principal business activity is the supply and distribution of PVA water soluble yarns and fibres

(Solvron) and Continuous Alumina Fibre (Nitivy ALF)

For the past 40 years we have represented Nitivy Company Ltd of Japan. In the early 1960's Nitivy developed the Dry Spinning Method for producing Polyvinyl Alcohol (Vinylon), creating a water soluble type called " Solvron " and a high tenacity type called " Filament Vinylon."

Historically the main application for Solvron was as a draw thread or separation yarn for knitted goods such as socks and sweaters and today there are now numerous end uses. 

In the early 1990's, Nitivy created " NITIVY ALF " - a continuous Alumina Fibre that was developed using Nitivy's Vinylon ( PVA Fibre ) dry spinning technology.

Nitivy ALF has excellent thermal resistance, enabling it to retain its strength and flexibility in continuous high temperature environments.

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